Food Safety News - July 15, 2018 Fresh imported crabmeat blamed for multi-state Vibrio outbreak

Food Safety News

Fresh imported crabmeat blamed for multi-state Vibrio outbreak

By News Desk

Fresh crabmeat, which surprisingly is still being exported from the failed socialist state of Venezuela, has sickened 12 people in three states and the District of Columbia with Vibrio parahaemolyticus infections. Four of the ill have required hospitalization. The reason that the fresh crabmeat exports are at least somewhat of a  surprise is that most... Continue Reading

Letter From The Editor: Just a chat with the new administrator

By Dan Flynn

During last week’s IAFP meetings in Salt Lake City, I had the opportunity to chat with FSIS Administrator Carmen Rottenberg, who is also serving as USDA’s  Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety. I did not record our talk nor did I take copious notes because I just wanted to have a normal conversation with... Continue Reading

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