Taking The Time To Moisturize African American Hair

By Dennis Olson

Taking care of locks is essential to the outward confidence of a person. Whether a person wears their tresses curly, straight, or natural, it helps to keep the strands and scalp clean at all times. However, due to common dryness, many people grew up with various myths about maintaining this type of mane. The idea here is neatness and being able to moisturize African American hair for better manageability.

A lot of people tend to confuse moisturizing with adding grease or oil but the differences are almost night and day. While some oil blends may smell nice and add visible sheen, few have the power to stop or prevent breakage. In fact, a good number of affordable products are not even ideal for preventing a dry scalp because they clog the pores.

This type of texture benefits from a hot oil treatment at least once a month. For those who have dense strands that do not benefit from simply applying conditioner, using this treatment or investing in a heating cap is ideal. The best types of oil are almond, coconut, or olive in a pure form.

While the basics of using a hot oil treatment are very simple, it is important to feel the hair carefully after rinsing and drying. If the texture feels like straw or the ends are drastically different than that of the scalp, a trim is necessary. When ends or strands become this lifeless, they will not respond to conditioning and is difficult to style, so getting rid of it is usually the best solution. A licensed barber or beauty operator can give the best advice or trim for little money.

Everyday maintenance is where some people may misstep their care routine. Often when people become busy, they may put off caring until morning, when they are in a rush and unlikely to do a thorough job. This not only includes putting in a product but giving a good brushing to stimulate roots.

Just taking a half hour to section tresses every night to brush and add a moisturizer will pay off. Styles will last longer and growth is most likely to occur. However, not all moisturizers are made the same just like not everyone has the same hair type.

Using petroleum or mineral oil based products is not always recommended for regular use. Some people may use it sparingly on extra dry hair during extreme weather conditions but overall, it helps to use something that does not contain chemicals, like argan oil. While the mane may feel soft to the tough, inexpensive brands seldom have the capability to moisturize each strand, no matter how much is used.

Caring for tresses should be done at least three times a week, four times if there is damage. Just section into four parts and rub moisturizer into each strand. Brushing scalp not only feels good but allows circulation and root stimulation. This should take no more than about 15 to 30 minutes a day and some find it most effective right before going to bed.

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