Electromagnetic Treatment & The Best Ways To Improve Your Horse's Appetite

By Robin Setser

How do you know if your horse is ill? You'll have to make note of certain symptoms, which bring us to the topic of appetite. Vital nutrients for equine include calcium, sodium, potassium, and iron, but these cannot be obtained unless the animal in question have a strong diet in place. If your horse isn't eating as they should, you should learn about ways to enhance their appetite, PEMF treatment included. Here are a few methods worth considering.

One of the ways to improve your horse's appetite is by way of electromagnetic therapy for horses. According to companies like Assisi Animal Health, this method serves a variety of purposes. Its effectiveness in terms of pain relief can't be denied, and the same can be said about healing in general. However, there have been studies that showed improvement in appetite as well. It makes sense to look into this method further.

Prior to administering treatment, though, the root cause of the problem must be understood. Keep in mind that there is no one cause linked to a loss in appetite, which is why all possibilities should be considered. For example, if your horse recently suffered a sprain, they may not eat as much due to the pain they're in. Also, if you recently moved into a new home, your horse may be struggling to become accustomed to unfamiliar property. When stress develops due to events like this, their appetite can take a hit.

What if it's a matter of illness, though? Horses are known to become ill, after all, as evidenced by such conditions as mud fever, colic, and grass sickness. Illnesses like these can bring rise to additional issues, a lack of appetite being one of the most common. To improve your pet's appetite, consult your veterinarian and see what they can recommend. Not only will they offer a diagnosis, but a treatment that will enhance your horse's quality of life.

What if you're simply not giving your horse the quality of food that they need? If you recently purchased food from a new vendor, and your pet isn't eating, check what you've been given. Your horse may have noticed a strange smell coming from it. Perhaps there's mold that makes them reluctant to eat. Whatever the case may be, if you notice such strange traits, it's time to shop with a different vendor so that your pet's appetite stands a chance of improving.

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