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By Roger Williams

There are so many martial arts that are highly popular today. Although some are more popular than others, most of them base their philosophy on similar things, and include not only physical training but also the unity of body and mind. This spiritual part of these Eastern techniques make them especially interesting in the Western world.

They require balanced mind and dedication, as well as strength and trainings, and offer a wide range of self-improvements you can only benefit from. Among other popular martial arts, one is especially interesting. If you visit one Aikido Dojo San Francisco center, you may find out more about it and understand why it deserves a special attention.

So, like many other Japanese names, Aikido is also composed from a few meaningful words. In this case, it is especially interesting name, because 'Ai' means harmony, 'ki' means energy or spirit, and 'do' means path or way. Well, you can translate it as the way of spirit and harmony, or maybe the harmonious spiritual path. Anyway, you will find highly efficient ways of defending yourself and really appealing philosophy and environment.

Although this is the youngest Japanese martial art, founded in the beginning of the twentieth century, by famous O-Sensei, or The Great Teacher, Morihel Ueshiba, it is bases on Traditional Japanese techniques and Samurai tactics. Actually, O-Sensei Morihel Ueshiba was the master of many other techniques, such as Jujitsu, Kenjutsu, and Sojitsu first, but really interested in spiritual and religious aspects.

Great Teacher had a flawless technique, as well as really amazing physical strength, and this combination allowed him to defend himself virtually without touching his attackers. He based his technique on harmonizing movements with the movements of the universe, achieving the unity of his body and mind, and without causing harm to others.

You don't have to be young, strong and especially fit to start practicing this technique. The training itself will be beneficial in so many ways, starting with physical strength improvement, as well as the improvement of your flexibility, balance, concentration and coordination, and even significant improvement of your general health condition, especially your cardiovascular health.

But, there are some other important benefits that need to be mentioned here. For example, conditioning body, mind and spirit leads to better self-confidence, the peace of mind, better results in other areas of your life, and, finally, in finding your own life-path. It's certainly isn't just about fights and strength, it's so much more in it.

If you compare Aikido with other martial arts, the first thing you may notice is that the main goal is to defend yourself without causing injuries to your attacker. The movements are circular, and, since most attacks are basically linear, this techniques kind of harmonizes with these attacks, using arm pins and wrist locks, for example, to unbalance the attacker, avoiding direct confrontation.

As the Great Teacher used to say, Aikido is really a true Budo, based on traditional Samurai tactics, but really focused on perfecting the spirit. His well-known statement called Mahatsu Agatsu say that true victory is victory over oneself, and the secret is in harmonizing your movements with the movements of the universe. This is really a path of love, in the opinion of the famous O-Sensei.

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