Sustainable Gardening Practices To Try

By Anna Hill

Beauty and good healthy are said to lie in natural elements. These natural elements also save people from spending fortunes in sustaining the beauty. For your garden, sustainable gardening practices will help you maintain a healthy patch that is also economical to maintain. It saves you time and resources you would require to keep it neat and productive. Consider the following tips.

Water available at the garden should be harvested, used and what remains stored for the future. You need to water plants on regular basis. Luckily for you, the skies will provide all the water you need. Harvest it in tanks for use during the dry season. You need not spend a fortune pumping water from a distance. This means that your utility bill will go down.

Generate compost on your garden. A lot of useful waste comes from the kitchen. Kitchen crap and left overs that are not meat related are useful when you need manure for your garden. Other than let the remains to be dumped in landfills, they can be spread under plants and allowed to turn into compost. You end up with soil that is very rich while the remains also serve as mulch.

Use available materials to mulch. Mulching is known as a prudent way to conserve water because it prevents evaporation from the surface. Further, mulching helps to suppress weed by denying it light. When mulch eventually composes, it turns into humus. Mulching becomes a mega source of ecological benefits. Beyond saving you from pumping water for irrigation, you will reduce the frequency for gardening and remain with compost at the end of the mulching exercise.

Invest in native plants for your patch. This has been drawn from nature. It has a way of finding balance such that you will require less effort to weed the garden. Native plants form a combination that also aids in mulching and in the process reduce the need for irrigation. Since local plants are adapted to the environment, they require less water and can naturally draw nutrients from the soil. This reduces the need for fertilizer.

Vegetables and fruits are perfect flowers that make your gardening sustainable. With good nurturing, the fruits and vegetable trees will make your compound beautiful. It reduces your kitchen budget while keeping the yard beautiful. These fruits and vegetable plants are also effective in attracting helpful insects and animals.

Chicken will help you in tilling and fertilizer application. You need a few chickens to be released on the garden for a few minutes every day. Their search for food causes them to scratch the ground. This is an effective tilling exercise. They mix humus and leave you with very rich soil. Their droppings also add to the fertility of your soil. They end up laying very healthy and nutritious eggs. Their meat is also very healthy because it is natural.

There is an underlying element of naturalness when talking about sustainable practices. Such choices help to keep gardens healthy and neat. You spend less or nothing on pesticides, herbicides and tilling of the land. Seek guidance from an experienced agronomist who will introduce you to the best plants and flowers for environmentally friendly beds. You have a healthy compound that remains beautiful and productive all the seasons.

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