Basic Truths About The Human Hair

By Nancy Graham

It often said that it is the crowning glory of a human being, a golden crown that makes a man a king. Except for the soles of the feet, humans have it too but only the head is the part where it constantly grows. As people grow older these filaments will no long grow and Los Angeles natural hair growth can help in making them grow again.

Individuals have differing attitudes when it comes to the threadlike strands growing on the head. It used to be that culture played a great influence on it but with the removal of barriers and the application of the internet technology. The ways in which these are treated has diminished the influenced of customs and tradition. Even gender which clearly defined male from female is no longer that important.

The filament growth on the skull is protein based and made of keratin. It is formally grouped into four basic types. The first type are the straight filaments, as a collection it become flat laid out causing sunlight to reflect on it that gives it the exceptional sheen. This type of hair is not easily damaged because of the natural oil that protects it.

Number two of the classes are the wavy kind. This one resided in between the curly and the straight types. These easily become frizzy, standing out as independent strands that resemble an irregular fuzzy texture. It is very hard to modify and trim. It also has not very pliant and will return to its original shape even when styled.

Type three is the curly kind. It often is believed that this type is prevents the entry of ultraviolet light better than the other three. This is often term as the Z or S type since the form closely resembles the letters. This classification is the most voluminous. It needs extreme care otherwise the corkscrew shape will be loosened.

The last class is the one that most African descendants possess. It is a kinky classification. This is a closely curled, tight corkscrew type common in African states and Oceania islands. The tight curls resemble those of the wool found in sheep. This is the densest and the most difficult to straighten. It is also called the helix type.

The gradual loss and thinning of crowning glories are caused by different factors. Some are common and simple but can be demoralizing. Mineral and vitamin deficiency is often most cited culprit. Genetics also have something to do with it. Chances are if the ancestors are of bald types, the forebears are likely to be the same because of male X chromosome that is passed on.

A person should not take matters into his own hands especially when facing the mirror and seeing an image that looks like ginger bread. It really is demoralizing to some who pride their crowning glory. Always take time to make research about the subject to avoid irreparable damage. Be careful of fake products and chemicals and always consult experts.

Like all parts of a human body, the growths from the follicles should always be kept clean and sanitized. This bodily outgrowth has much impact on society to the point that it once was a status symbol. This used to be an identifier of ethnicity. By natural progression this will turn white when a person is past his or her prime.

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