2018 State of Adscend Media Message from CEO Fehzan Ali

Hey Samah, Happy New Year!

2017 was a roller coaster ride for digital advertising. From the YouTube Adpocalypse, to a hyper-focus on fraud, it's clear to see that the industry is zeroing in on brand safety and overall accountability. You can rest assured, that we've always been focused on sound advertising principles. Thus, we were able to continue to help you earn more in 2017, while many ad providers were reducing the size of their teams and even closing their doors. However, we definitely couldn't have succeeded this year without your support--Thank you!

In 2017, we moved away from content locking, and fully into the rewards space. This full-speed focus centered on creating powerful, video-based rewarding solutions. Thus, the news at Adscend was dominated by our owned and operated video channels, with hundreds of thousands of rewards users flocking to EngageMe.tv, LootUp.tv, and Stak.tv monthly via our Offer Wall and hosted placements.

Adscend 2017 Highlights:

  • Released Stak.tv and LootUp.tv, giving you dynamic, new earnings placements

  • Brought in new team members to grow our video inventory and advertiser base

  • Continued to increase the size of our development team in order to build new solutions faster, fix issues quicker, and implement your suggestions sooner

  • Released Android and iOS apps for EngageMe.tv, providing new mobile earnings placements

  • Launched comprehensive user support systems for EngageMe.tv, LootUp.tv, and Stak.tv

  • Released auto-linking function to help users instantly discover and connect to your platform on our owned & operated video channels

  • Launched multiple measures to fight fraud and protect your leads, including adding automated processes to scan for and block fraud, doubling the amount of fraud identification statistics that we track, upgrading our database of fraud sources to catch fraud earlier, and releasing 30+ EngageMe.tv security updates.

2018: More Rewards, More Video, More Revenue

In 2017, our rewards-based ad solutions substantially took off, as we completed over 55,000,000 rewarding transactions in Q3 of 2017 alone. Users love earning rewards by watching videos as well, as EngageMe.tv, Stak.tv, and LootUp.tv users spent an average of 20%-30% longer on publisher sites, with the average active user earning publishers $0.60 daily. Our key focus in 2018 is to continue to enhance these channels (and even develop new channels), as well as add more firepower to our Offer Wall.

We simply want to continue to make it easy for users to earn rewards, and for you to generate more revenue. This mission is no simple task, as fraud, and meeting the needs of a rapidly growing base of rewards users are 24/7 challenges. We're ready to take on those challenges, however, and help you have an amazing 2018.

A Few Things We Have in Store for You in 2018...

  • Segmenting and adding more video channels to our owned and operated properties, keeping users on your sites, games, and apps even longer

  • Delivering more topical video content, such as video surrounding holidays, sporting events, and breaking news

  • Significantly boosting our video inventory with supply from new content sources

  • Launching an Amazon Fire connected TV app to give you another new earnings placement

  • Launching a dynamic, new Offer Wall user interface to help increase conversions

  • Continuing to expand our fraud protection to protect your leads

How Can We Serve You Better?

Thanks again for being a member of the Adscend family. We're committed to serving you even better in 2018, and I would personally love to hear your feedback about our solutions or platform, so feel free to drop me an email. Here's to an awesome 2018!


Fehzan Ali
Co-Founder & CEO
Adscend Media LLC
Web: http://adscendmedia.com
Email: fehzan@adscendmedia.com
Skype: Fehzan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Adscend

Adscend Media LLC | 701 Brazos St Ste 980, Austin, TX 78701

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